reddit Alien Sticker

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A 3" tall Snoo, ready to grace any surface you can stick him.

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Not Good

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It's a sticker

Cheap easy to apply and let's me show off my geek side

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Stickers were awesome!

Sticker are really high quality!

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Great little guys!

Great stickers, great quality, would like a larger size next time!

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Rough start, but Sticker Mule quickly redeemed themselves!

I originally ordered this sticker and was REALLY excited. I have wanted a reddit alien sticker on my car for awhile and finally found a sticker I like. I tracked the UPS package until they said they had delivered it. I rushed home and looked everywhere for it....the front door...the back door....the carport...the neighbor's house...the dog's house (you know, all the normal places). But alas, I couldn't find it. I called UPS and they basically said it wasn't their problem. I quickly contacted Sticker Mule via email with a very sad message. It was late at night and I got a response within 15 minutes with an apology for the lost sticker and they let me know they were sending off a new one immediately. The sticker finally came in a few days ago and I couldn't be happier!!! Great customer service. I will definitely be doing business with them again.

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Boyfriends car is complete

I surprised my boyfriend with this sticker after seeing it on someone else's truck. He loves his reddit alien! So far it's held up well... but the area we live in is neither super hot or rainy/wet! I liked this one way better than the one that says reddit! under the alien, and my boyfriend does too (=

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