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Thick, durable vinyl with a UV laminate that protects your rounded corner stickers from scratching, rain and sunlight.


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2 reviews

Simple and Cost Effective Solution for Product Awareness

Simple applications can have large impact within an industry. This simple sticker is used to promote the manufacturers of a very successful cleaning product within the Oilfield. What Rig worker doesn't like to place stickers on their helmets or trucks! These stickers must be extremely durable due to the harsh environmental conditions. I was assured they could be put through the ringer, they are still new, but I will be sure to write another review in a few months to see how they have held up.

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2 reviews

Great quality for cost

What better way to market your company or event then with a sticker! The turnaround time is great without compromising the quality of the product. Customer service has been great as I had specific questions regarding outside applications and general wear and tear. I have been very impressed with the product so far, and so have my clients, to the point where I have ordered thousands of stickers for multiple clients.

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1 review

Great Stickers - Fast Turn-Around

Great Job!

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8 reviews

Small Stickers Big Results

I ordered 1" rounded corner stickers and they came out incredible. I can't believe there is still all of the detail and color was matched perfectly. Sticker Mule continues to impress me with each order I place. They keep exceeding my challenges. There is nobody that can even compete with Sticker Mule's quality and service. Orders always show up by the date they specify. Everyone in my company wants my stickers. I gave the first 5 orders away so quickly that I immediately had to place 3 more orders. I recommend Sticker Mule to anyone who wants custom quality stickers. The stickers look so good I love handing them out to customers, and they are so professional looking. Saddle up Sticker Mule I am going to order some more stickers! Yee Haw!!!

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8 reviews

High Quality

These 4" rounded corner stickers look great. The color is perfect and they stick on anything and the quality is the best. I am thrilled with the results. Great job Sticker Mule. I can't wait to order more.

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