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Really disappointed in these. Proofing was not clear to also look at dark mode to make sure you're seeing the correct thing. Had to throw them out.

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Great Pins

Pins are great! Full Color, great eye appeal, many comments on quality. Thanks for providing such a great product.

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Not good

It was a piece of paper n plastic over it not a good picture

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I love them!

I ordered these from a watercolor design I did, absolutely love them. So happy with the cheese drops being maintained

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Dolls for Smiles

I was so excited to see my vision come to life. Sticker Mule did a awesome job and the customer service is excellent.

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The arrived and some of the acrylic was already stretched abs one of the stickers was pealing off.

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they are ok

Not what i thought it would be

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Fun little pins

These are a nice alternative to enamel.

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Love my pins!

The pins turned out fantastic! The design process was fast and easy. Sticker Mule must be some distance cousin to the Burro family because they really get me.

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My pins look awesome. The $40 discount was a great deal as well. It arrived way earlier than expected.