It’s okay, but could be better.


Stickermule has great deals for buying in bulk with the price rates. I am satisfied with their products & customer service. Although when it comes to their acrylic charms, I do think they should add a double side or cover the bottom side with acrylic as well, the print is just exposed on the back so I noticed they could easily get scratched & peel off the design/artwork. Plus sometimes when I get sent my charms, some of the charms inside the bag will be already scratched so the design is slightly peeled off missing it’s piece. With those I’m disappointed :/ they should dispose those or either still give you the damaged ones it including new ones that aren’t scratched. I use their acrylic charms to make keychains & earrings for my own little business and having scratched ones means I can’t give them to customers. So I end up having to order more in hopes that those will not be defected. STICKER MULE FORSURE needs to upgrade their charm options for extra secure ness so they won’t scratch. But I also think they should have a variety of options to choose from, maybe include holographic, glitter or more finishes to choose from with their acrylics!

¿Te gusta? Es fácil pedir tus Dijes acrílicos también 🙂