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Amazing Charms!

Spectral Curse

The charms came out nice and thick, very shiny and the design is super clear! My only complaint is that I think the hole at the top could be a little bigger so it fits more loosely on things like key chains but otherwise fantastic and I'll def be buying some more in the future!!

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Really cute!

MLP Life

The printing quality is really good for an item of such size, and I love how every little detail was well maintained in the final product, including gradients in my vector drawing! I was only a little dissatisfied with how scuffed up the front of them came, but still really cute.

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Exceptional quality as always!

Aurora Mist

The preview picture didn't do them justice. I honestly thought they would be flimsy, but they are solid and beautifully crafted!

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Hrmmm... needs some work


I happened to win a giveaway so I'll be giving my honest opinion. So, most acrylic charms I'm familiar with are dual-sided. This is like a front-sticking sticker with a tough back, stuck to a piece of acrylic. Now I rather actually like how these came out! I'm just concerned if anything were to get on the back of the sticker image, it'd ruin it, or scrape off over time. Personally, I'm adding a... Más información

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Jon Gaudette

Really love these acrylic charms. One thing to keep in mind is to think ahead of time where you want the hole to be. Love the quality, and glad they put in a reminder to take off the protective covering.

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Charmed life

Bobby "Slacks"

The charms came out beautiful. The image is clear and precise. If I was forced to give any criticism, I'd say, just make the hole a little bigger for key rings, or attach a small ring to the charms that let it move easily on a standard key ring. However, the charms came out excellent, I just added a small spread ring myself, problem easily solved.

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Cute, but could be better

Princess Nugget

Love the idea, but the execution needs some work. The edges of the charm are quite rough/sharp. The print came out lighter than the same print did on magnets. They're only printed on one side. And the backside is like the print is glued on and it's not protected. So big risk of it wearing off. Unfortunately doesn't come close (yet) to the quality of stickers that we're used to from Stickermul... Más información

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Great product

Whitney Rivers

I really loved these charms and I'll be ordering more. The charm itself is a versatile product and I love the color quality of the print. My artwork was small but it still captured all the lovely details!

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Great new product


I'm loving this new product. Many Ideas brewing in what I can do with them. So far I'm thinking Key chains, Earings, and Knitting stitch markers.