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Acrylic charm beta test


The image one acrylic is easily scratched, I received quite of them with some parts scratched off. Needs improvement.

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Acrylic Charms FTW


Got the chance to order some Acrylic Charms and these things are cooler than I expected! Another top notch product from Sticker Mule.

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jeff Sax stickers : Celebrate - Elevate - Decorate

Great workmanship!

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Cute Acrylic Charms

Jessica Potter

Wasn't intuitive on how to best remove the backer tape. Some instructions included with the product would have been helpful.

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Love 'em!

Kill Taupe

A nice and thick acrylic charm. Excellent job on the die cutting!

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What a pleasant surprise

James Sabado

Got the email for a beta project. Just clicked the prompt and, BOOM! Couple weeks later a Stickermule package was waiting for me at my door. WOW!!! What a Great product!!! Absolutely Love the charms!!! Love how the Logo pops through. Cant wait to order more! My feedback would be to add the corresponding sized rings for the holes, or make the holes big enough to fit standard key rings.

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Neat product!

Damian Hagger

These little trinkets are pretty neat for promotional item. I'm thinking that the best use for them are for keyrings. With that said, the loop on them is a little small for most keychains, so I suggest using a little metal loop to attach them. Also, the film that covers them (to protect from damage, is a bit tough to remove, but worth the effort for the flawless sheen underneath!)

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Not your every day Lucky Charms

Nick Nall

because they are even better! his new product is awesome. I didn't really know what to expect when I got the change to test the product; but I am highly satisfied with the final product and detail shown. These are fun! And i found key-chain pieces for cheap to give them that extra touch

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Very cool acrylic charms

Sandy Earl

Beautifully done. Crisp printing and great color. Size is perfect for a key chain. One thought: the hole at the top (for attaching) is kinda small. With an order of 50 it’s not a huge deal; I just insert a few split rings as time permits. If I were doing thousands of them for an event giveaway it would be a total drag on my limited volunteer hours to do that so I would either leave it to indivi... Más información

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The charms came out well


I like the new acrylic charms. I'd like to be able to put the drillhole inside of the design in the future but they've said that's not possible for now.