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Nicole MyhreShannon

These came out super cute. Better than I expected.

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Ok but could improve


Sticker Mule has entered the fray when it comes to charm producers. I normally use Vograce to produce my charms, so I was excited to see a US based producer pop up. Print quality was the same tier as any other Sticker Mule products, so in that regard I have no complaints there. What really needed improvement was shipping. The charms come stacked on one another, not individually bagged l... Más información

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I am so in LOVE with my charms❤️

Kelly breedwell

I love my charms. These are the larger ones that can be used as an ornament, magnet, or to hang anywhere! I will order these again without hesitation. I have a smaller version on order and plan on using them as keychains. Note to self there is a protective transparent film on each one that needs to be removed, so don't freak out if you see bubbles. LOL

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Ok Mule.

Mierra Nelson

As a person who have charms from Zaps and Vograce, Even with being the highest in price, StickerMule’s acrylic charms by far has the lowest quality. Grain was greater, Cut of design have small wacky edges to them and not to nit pick but the acrylic itself have this weird rough/sharp feel on the edges. The good though is that it was done in full color unlike other companies who only accept CMYK ... Más información

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One Side Acrylic Charms

Alesia Gitter

These charms are large and I love it! I hope to see double-sided and holo charms eventually but these are really good quality! And don't forget to peel the plastic off. :D I will say the edges are a little fuzzy but it's a brand new product and I actually didn't notice it until I look soooo close that it was an issue.

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Pretty Good

Princess Rei Keishana

It's nice to have an option for acrylic charms with this company. Given that these are new, and in comparison to previous acrylic artwork merchandise I've received from other manufacturers, these charms are good, but the white under the charm seems to have bled out from beneath the color print. The color itself is nice but a little grainy, but does the job. The print does seem to scratch kind o... Más información

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Acrylic charm beta test2


It's better than the previous beta test. However there's 2 that got scratched. Might be better to put it in individual plastic. Acrylic got stuck to each other, had to pry them apart.

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Ferdinando Traversa

My acrylic charms are perfect! It would be beautiful to have a hook, but they’re perfect anyway.

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Print missing detail

Jason Farman

We had a two color print, and much of the white was missing from the print. Other than the print, the quality of the charm itself is great. If you're doing a single-color print, these will likely be perfect.

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Acrylic charms


I ordered these charms to use as gift tags on my Xmas presents. The quality is great as is Stickermule.