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Breloque pour boucle d'oreilles

Ponce d eLeon

Le final n'est pas très soigné, les bords sont rugueux, les motifs griffés, le plastique et terne à certains endroits.

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A bit faded, so just saturate your image first

Anya Majors

They were great, exactly what I wanted. Just one thing though, they come out a bit faded so saturate and darken your image first.

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Quality control


Some of the acrylic charms had small scuffs and chips in them. The ones that didn’t were nice, though.

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Made a fun Suncatcher!

Joshua Pellerin

I ordered larger than I should have for a necklace pendant but these ended up giving me an idea I liked even more! Suncatchers! The hole and everything was perfectly sized for Suncatcher suction cups with hooks I found on Etsy.

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10% error


Almost there - though 10% of my order was damaged upon arrival

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Almost perfect charms


This is the second time I have ordered a product from here. Like always the shipping, response and service was impeccable and I appreciate how considerate the workers are. However I am a bit upset that when I received my charms nearly all of the charms, around the rims, were chipped all over. I don't think it was the delivery seeing there wasn't any plastic at the bottom of the bag so I assume ... Más información

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Cute charms !


The printing quality is great, and the acrylic used is clear and quality. The only downside I seem to notice is that the edges of the charm seem to be ridged most of the time. It's not that noticeable though, and for the price it's still really worth it. Thanks!

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Uncle Stinkee

HOLY STINKEE!! Pee-Ew!! I'm Uncle Stinkee, and this is just one of the half dozen first orders I've placed with Sticker Mule! I was sold after the first purchase... Being as I'm going into the retail business for the first time for myself, I wanted to offer my customers as much variety of accessories to choose from! From a Little Stinkee, to a Medium Stinkee, to a BIG STINKEE!!! And with ... Más información

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Ankur Vaghasiya

Good Product

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I got 3" and it's a handful!

Uncle Stinkee

Hello! I'm a new business owner, and I wanted to order a variety of assortments... So I ordered some acrylics. I ordered two 3" and one 2" in comparison.. The 2" is the PERFECT size for a key chain! The 3" is SO BIG though! It fills the palm of my hand. When I took a small sample of everything I was going to have available for sale... IMMEDIATELY everyone wanted to start buying right on... Más información