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Thomas Hadelich


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Unfortunately wasn't what I wanted.


Unfortunately these came out too dark. I tried several times to ask for them to make it lighter, like the original image, but, at the time, they said they couldn't make it lighter. Not that bad, tho, still enjoy them.

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So lovely


I really enjoy stickermule stickers, cus it gives me a chance to make stickers of things that mean the world to me. I will never NOT want these stickers!

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Excellent stickers, 10/10


I love Stickermule stickers, they're extremely well-made and durable! None of my stickers have worn off or got destroyed on my Hamster cage, even after tons of soaking and washing! Best sticker making place around, I'm definitely gonna buy more in the future!

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Always Fast & Efficient

Alisha Doodles

I love working with everyone at StickerMule! Everyone works quickly and efficiently. Every sticker comes out fantastic

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Nice stikers

4to Reich

3x3" round vinyl stickers that kick a...s, good quality, looks great and strong

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Amazing print!

Justin Kou

Great print, great colors, and solid quality as always!

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best sticker in the world

abdou y

thx for your fast delivrer / you do nice job i will order next time thx stickermule

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the sticker is magic... i recommend !!!

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FrostMorneR sticker


Sticker perfetti e di ottima qualità anche visiva