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  • 94%

    Volvería a hacer un pedido

  • Worth the money

    Eric Jarman

    Best $19 I have spent in a while.

  • Awesome

    Arthur Lane

    They cleaned up my design, colored to my specifications. Great job!

  • Perfect

    Alessandro Zambon

    Just as requested

  • snipe

    Emily Herrera


  • Not my the best one.

    David Leach

    I didn't realize there was unwanted white in the proof because the proof was on a white background. A little bit disappointed about that but other than that it's great. All of the rest were perfect so I really can't complain, but this one wasn't the best. Still reccomend.

  • Clean.

    David Leach

    Executed perfectly.

  • Perfect!

    David Leach

    I'm very impressed.

  • Great detail.

    David Leach

    These Mules really know how to plow out a great vector.

  • Love it!

    David Leach

    Great job!

  • Super duper!

    David Leach