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  • Ashley Stringfellow

    I love other labels I’ve ordered from Sticker Mule so I went ahead with a larger order and all the labels are crisp and clear, but completely lacking in color vibrancy needed in my product labels. The label paper is a matte almost? Super durable but like I said, just super dull colors.

  • IndyFringe Theater

    These look fantastic! We're using them on bar cups at our theatre and for thank you notes. Great quality and fast delivery - thank you!

  • Gabriele Trezzi


  • Lacye

    I really love the quality of these labels. I will definitely order again!!!

  • Olga Reznik

    We have been ordering our labels from the first days of our small business, over 7 years now. Great bright colors, perfect quality and I think they barely raised their prices during this long time. Occasionally got one of the orders lost in shipping. After contacting their customer service we got it re-printed and shipped in record timing (and we r on Hawaii). Unbelievable service! You guys rock i...

  • Michelle Bishop

    I love how they turned out, very impressed.

  • Shannon Routh

    They get the job done. Can be tricky to peel but I will say these are much easier to peel than smaller stickers on a roll.

  • Debra smith

    The stickers are just what I ordered. I made the mistake of ordering the wrong size. The print is too small and hard to read. I should’ave ordered larger stickers. I will use these and order larger stickers on my next order.


    I used another printer same text same size and the wording was legible they are not legible at all!

  • Tricia Ricotta

    I was looking for a label to stick on shopping bags and boxes for custom products and these are beautiful and just what I needed.