Chloe Perry

I ordered these on the 3rd of June and they didn't arrive until mid July. I had the biggest headache tracking them and was told they would arrive by June 22nd. That didn't happen and i had customers waiting on them. I put the delivery services being bad due to COVID and not within the control of Stickermule. I was sent a replacement. That still hasn't arrived (SYD, Australia).

Upon arrival, they looked great. They did, however, arrive in a bag all together. There is a protective film over the acrylic but not the side the image is printed on. A coat of clear spray was needed to protect the print itself. I did notice that the side sparkles in my design were not printed (or easily had scratched off) of every single charm.

The image is not printed double sided.
An additional 2 charms were included.
I would still recommend Stickermule for their products, although i would order well in advance of needing them if required by a certain date. I probably wouldn't pay full price for bulk charms, but i would definitely be keeping an eye out for deals.

Customer service was great, but i found i had to speak to multiple people and re-explain my situation.

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