Wrong size completly. Stciker Mules fault.

Jack Hawkins

I am extremely unhappy.
The stickers were delivered to me but they have been printed the wrong size.
These are meant to go on a beer can for a job NEXT WEEK. But the stickers that were delivered to me have been printed with the dimensions reversed, even though I submitted an upright and correctly orientated file and in the review process the sticker was displayed vertically as it is meant to be printed. These stickers are now giant and completely unusable.
They were expensive and I paid extra for the custom size and dieline, and was happy to pay that because I thought this site could be trusted. Clearly, I was very wrong.
I need a refund or at least the stickers to be sent to me ASAP in the correct size.
I would like my price to be adjusted also as I obviously was charged for giants stickers that I did not want.

Please reply and fix this issue.I have used sticker mule with other companies many times and have spent plenty of money on your site over the years.

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