Bloody Fantastic Quality! JDM PC Gaming

JDM PC Sales Australia

Seriously, the best quality stickers I've ever purchased or seen in person...

Stickermule weren't kidding when they said these are "Custom Die Cut Vinyl Stickers with a Matte Laminate Finish" because that's exactly what I received! They're thick, look sensational, can be easily removed and reapplied, don't leave a residue and "I can't believe it's not butter"... They're even heat and water resistant!

From start to finish, the process only took one week, and these were shipped all the way from the United States of Awesome to Australia!

If you think I've been paid to write this review, you're sadly mistaken... I'm just so damn happy to get a high quality product, at great price, that exceeds my expectations!

Well done guys, well done.

Like this? It's easy to order your own die cut roll labels too 🙂