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Beautifully done

Mike Sarris

These are replicas of stickers I had made originally in the mid 1980s. Perfect copies (In vinyl this time, not paper!), super bright color, absolutely perfect!

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Superb Design Services

The grAttitude Shop

Worked back and forth with the designers until we got the proof just right. The turn around time for the proof is ridiculously fast and easy to navigate on the site. Would absolutely order through sticker mule again!

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Problems Peeling Stickers

Jeremey Bot

I think these are defective because many of the stickers do not separate from the backing on any of the 4 corners. It just tears through to the paper. Very poor quality and disappointing. Most Sticker Mule stuff has much better quality. I would order again if I were assured this is a defect of this batch rather than the way they all are.

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I love this sticker style!

Amy Gee

I have a very small business and I had my business logo put onto the stickers. I love to use them in place of business cards, or as a giveaway with an order. I just love that I can get such inexpensive and different ways to advertise. Great quality stickers, which I have come to expect from SM. I have not been disappointed yet!

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Vincent Romeo

You guys nailed it. The colors are vibrant and the lines tight. The quality of the vinyl is superior. Thanks again!

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Killed it!

Vincent Romeo

The colors are spot on as is the kiss cut. Well done!!!

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Recensione Adesivi a mezzo taglio

Manuelli Matteo


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All about the customer

Maria Lane

I love how the Sticker Mule works patiently with the customer to get it done right. It took a few adjustments to get this sticker perfect, but it was worth it.

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not what I ordered


The proof and what I received was completely different. Took 5 emails and 6 days later before anyone even responded back to me. Horribnle customer service and product

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Perfect Promo Sticker


This is the perfect promo sticker for my website. Thank you!