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Great quality

Thomas Heylen

Very good quality print and finish.

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There are certain things I would order from Stickermule... there are certain things I wouldn't.


I don't have complaints with single stickers from sticker mule BUT sticker sheets were a disaster. So many problems from low-quality print to noticeably uneven cuts. As many mentioned, kiss cuts were either not cut all the way so the stickers would not come off (and the laminate would lift instead if you try to force it a little) or VERY messy with noticeable areas of white edges (both around t... Read more

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Quality product, great service, fast service!

Dikla Patia

Quality product, great service, fast service!

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Surprisingly bad

Rich Cullen

I've ordered a lot from Stickermule and the quality is usually exceptionally good. However, the sticker sheet I designed had a few problems. Firstly, two stickers were not cut out at all. So I can't use them. Secondly, the stickers that were cut out are not cleanly cut. It almost looks like someone peeled them off and back on again. They are hexagonal in shape, perhaps that is the cause, but it... Read more

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They are perfect

anive brooklyn

I am so happy with the sticker sheets I ordered! I used another vendor previously and wasn’t pleased with their quality. StickerMule surpassed that and then some. Not only is the quality superbly better but the ordering, proof review, and shipping was even quicker! I am a customer for life now - thank you!!!

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Almost Perfection

Tanner Huber

I've been ordering from Sticker Mule for all of my stickers and there is no doubt that they produce the best quality for online sticker ordering. The two minor issues I do have would be that some of the sticker sheets had some residue that would leave marks on the stickers. And also the colors on the stickers are slightly different from the review to the physical copy. Overall, Sticker Mule's s... Read more

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Huge hit

Nour Malaeb

I made a sheet of cute stickers for my wife's birthday. All her friends stuck them to their clothes, hats, phones, bags, and had a great time. The color rendering is great and the quality of the stickers leaves nothing to be desired. Already thinking about my next sticker sheets!

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Latoya gray

I love the design . I thought they would be bigger. They were too small.

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Poor cuts

Kassandra D'Angelo

I was excited for these sheets until I realized they weren't the best of quality. Not only did the cut outlines lift on the outside of the design, but some cuts were so poorly done that the designs couldn't be removed. What's worse is the top overcoat layer would be removed while struggling to take the sticker out of its cutlines.

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Better Than Expected

Steve Gregory

I like the thickness and feel of these stickers. They don't feel cheap.