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20 funny tweets worth framing

Posted by Zach Katz

Twitter is a funny place. And thanks to Framed Tweets you can make any wall in your home or office equally funny. Paste the link to any tweet and we’ll send it to you in a kick-ass ornate gold frame + free shipping.

We wasted a lot of time on Twitter looking for the funniest tweets so you don’t have to. Here are 20 funny tweets worth framing:

1. Can't be managed

2. Shocked & upset

3. Thoughts of dog

4. Gym headphones

5. Paper airplanes

6. Zombie apocalypse

7. Confidence

8. Log off

9. Naps are awesome

10. Crank that

11. I be taking naps

12. Arguing

13. Big mood

14. wyd?

15. Antidepressants

16. Hands

17. Ping pong

18. Budget

19. WebMD

20. Close friend stories

Frame whatever you want.

Just copy and paste the URL to any tweet to make some fine art that's sure to be a conversation starter.

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