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To sweet for my taste

As a big fan of hot sauce I will say that it is better than most but as a salty over sweet kind of guy I have to say that there is to much sugar in it. Thanks for the bottle though. It will not go to waste.

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Great Quality!

These are amazing, quality charms for the price! As a heads up, the backing where the charm image is located is unprotected, so it can easily be scratched. I am turning mine into pins and had experimented with one of them to see if I could use a clear nail polish could protect the image. Do not do this. The clear polish totally lifted the image. I ended up putting a holographic backing on the c... Saiba mais

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Came ripped

Very upset. The decal came ripped. It was a waste of money and sticker mule won’t return my messages. Use one of their competitors for stickers and decals.

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Bit of a Kick, Nice Little Flavor.

Eh, wouldn't kick it outta bed.

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This sauce is FIRE!

I was blown away by this hot sauce! Perfect balance of heat and flavor. Highly recommend.

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Mule Sauce 10/10

Perfect balance of spicy and sweet.

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Perfect gift for spicy-lovers!

My father-in-law loves all things spicy so Mule Sauce is the perfect gift!!!

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Mostly good

I really like my charms I think the printing turned out nice. There were three things I would change if I could; 1. The colors on the charms turned out significantly lighter than my design/online proof (I purposely made my colors darker In my design though thinking this might happen so this didn't ruin my charms thankfully) 2. There is no protective layer on the back of the charm where the prin... Saiba mais

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Tasty and firey.

Was not anticipating this to be added to my order, but it is a welcome addition. Delicious sauce that goes well with everything. Would recommend this to any hotsauce lovers.

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Comfortable face masks

I was a little hesitant to order these after seeing the reviews at the beginning of this venture, but I'm glad I went through with it. These are way more comfortable than the mask I was wearing and the bonus ear savers are a plus!