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Best sauce out there

My husband is obsessed! I had to order it in bulk.

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Good....but needs improvement

I received the original batch of the masks and at first was excited. Upon wearing them, the masks were small and the sides weren’t snug. The sides of the masks still exposed my face and I have to constantly maneuver it. I am glad that StickerMule is providing this service, but after looking at the new batches of masks on Twitter, I am feeling a bit cheated.

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Sweet and spicy

This is a delicious sauce. Very sweet with a high heat. I eat it on everything!

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Ear savers are a game changer!!

I got my masks with the ear savers and they are a game changer for sure! I can not say it enough that the masks fit much, much, much better with the ear savers. Who knew such a little device can make such a difference! I have a conch piercing on my ear and no matter the mask they hurt my ear a bunch. NOT ANYMORE! I am so grateful!

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Super nice

Came out super nice the only thing that was not so great was, it was rolled up in a tube and the backing of the floor sticker was off of it so I hope it will stick when I go to use it! Other than that it turned out great!

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Much needed face mask

I really needed these mask in order to keep working and making money. They look and feel perfect. They are comfortable and washable. The price was very good too. I love the pouch to insert a disposable barrier. The shipping was super fast too. Thank you so much!!!!

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Great masks!

Very happy with the quality and comfort of the masks, just a little bummed out that they are now offering the comfort pieces on all new orders.

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Masks are great - Elastic straps need an upgrade

I think it is wonderful what you all are doing with the masks/hand sanitizer. I received one of the early batches which are slightly different than what is pictured. The mask itself is great and features an adjustable nose bridge and an internal pocket for a filter. However, on my masks, the elastic ear straps are far too small for an adult to wear. Sticker Mule sent me a replacement with ... Saiba mais

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Amazing customer service!!!

I was an idiot and didn’t notice that I had my old address on a recent order until I got a delivery confirmation and no package .....I contacted Sticker Mules Customer Service and they fixed the issue without any issues. I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s a small thing, but those are the things that earn customers for life!

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Excellent Floor Graphic

Sticker Mule creates great products, every time, exactly as ordered and delivered on time. This floor graphic was a “special” offer, and nothing my volleyball club really needed, but the price was great, and Sticker Mule products are all over our club and our gym. This product was no exception to the ‘great work’ rule from Sticker Mule.