Looks nice, but takes work

Matt Reid

I was excited to be able to get such a big size of the decal I wanted. Not to mention how fast it was made, a 4 hour proof was sent. Then it arrived to my house in 5-6 days.
However, when I took it out to my truck to apply I was really eager and the transfer sticker did not transfer over to the transfer paper. Parts of it kept getting stuck on the peel off paper. It caused the parts sticking to shift and not align right when I finally was able to get it stuck to the transfer paper.
Since I was rushing and it didn’t peel off the peel paper, not sticking to the transfer paper, I messed it up while applying it. So I immediately ordered another one.
My eagerness and excitement cost me the price of a second purchase to make the same one work. This next time I will be a lot slower and cautious taking the peel paper off and applying it to my window.
Also, confused why I placed my order for a 15”x14”, but approved the 13”x13.43” proof (at the price quoted for 15x14. When I placed the reorder of the 13x13.43 they gave me a cheaper price because it’s smaller than the 15x14 they charged me for in the first one. A price adjustment should have been made when the proof was sent and approved smaller than quoted price for larger option.
Would use again for the ability to customize my own and for the quickness of design and shipment.

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