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Sweet transfer stickers!

Corey Sweeter

These new transfer stickers of Sticker Mule's are pretty sweet. Great quality & customer service, which is no suprise given how excellent the vinyl die cut stickers they produced for me a while back are as well. Can't wait for them to exit beta testing so that I can order future transfers in additional colors.

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Looks great

Khanh Tran

I want a million stickers now. Great product and very high quality, great job guys!

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Great quality

Brian White

Clean cuts, transferred easily and quickly with no pull off problems. Pro all the way!

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Excellent Quality

Chris Macchi

These are great. High quality, just as we had hoped. Turnaround was reasonable and they look great on computers, which is what we originally had them designed for.

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My stickers


Better than expected

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Stickers are Amazing


StickerMule sent these decals to us. Absolutely clean and well designed. Great job.

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Super rad black transfers

Sarah Northway

The minimum line width was much smaller than I realized (an example template would help!) so these had to be upsized quite a bit before they could be printed. But they turned out beautifully. Easy to transfer, look crisp and professional, and don't rub off. We'll use them to brand electronics and decorate furniture for trade shows.

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Happy to test drive this new product. Looks and feels good.

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John Maloney

i would like them to RED but apparently that is not an option

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Almost perfect!


Great stickers as always! They look fantastic! I would definitely recommend these to anybody with a simple design with a big solid part like a logo. However, Senor Bomba was a bit complicated so some other issues arose - There were a few small kinks in the final product and some of the smaller, separate parts of the sticker had moved around in the packaging. It was fine because I could plac... Saiba mais