Images was Expanded Again

Bill G Tingle

Hello, I had a reoccurring issue with my job. [NOTE: I realize I approved my proof. That is because it looked correct and my prior order was corrected after the first order mistake.] I specified the material to be 8.5 X 11, this was correct. I specified Vinyl, and the print quality was excellent. The problem is the image was slightly enlarged from the original. Since I cut my own stickers after they are printed, I am now not able to cut the images on the page since they were enlarged. I purchased 200 sheets costing $464. Had this gone correctly I would likely purchase 1000+ sheets over the coming year (or more). I wish things could have gone better. After the first order was corrected I thought we had a common understanding of my needs and how the job was to be completed. This product is my livelihood and I need it correct.

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