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Making Lemonade from Lemons

Nancy Connor

LOVE the quality of the product, however they are SO HARD to peel apart. I wish there was a tab or something to make it easier. VERY time consuming when doing piece work.

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Buen material y diseño perfecto!


Muy buen material y se adhieren sin arrugas ni burbujas, genial!

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Border issues

Erin Durband

I wanted NO BORDER but was told that was impossible due to the art. So instead I got a ridiculously wide border. Ugh.

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They say clear stickers but they aren’t


I submitted high quality 300dpi art but apparently they said it was not able to be used. They told me to get it done as a clear sticker since I wanted to place these on a window.. these are NOT see through and I had to throw the batch out and order elsewhere. Dissatisfied and NOT happy!

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Clear stickers


Great clear stickers. Looks good when printed in white. Will order again.

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Simply the best sticker there is

Jason M Bryant

Clear stickers ... THE BEST.

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Amber Kipp

The level of detail is awesome. Absolutely love these!

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Marcia Velazquez

Great Price!

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Amazing Detailed Quality!

Elizabeth A Carson

The small details on these stickers came out extremely clear! I can't believe they were able to include this oddly shaped design while still having all of the tiny details. When I originally picked the type of sticker, the proofing stage asked me to send a higher resolution as well as recommended that I select this type of clear sticker instead. They were completely right and these came out so ... Saiba mais

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Sticker Mule is the Best!

Glenda E. Carmona

The quality of the product is amazing! They got better than my expectation. 10/10 would recommend.