Great looking labels, but....


The labels themselves were perfect, and the size I ordered (1" x 2" ovals) arrived exactly as I ordered. The labels came on sheets, not on a roll, and I knew that when I ordered.

Shipping was very quick, and upon opening the boxes to inspect my purchase, I was blown away by what I saw. In what appears to be a gigantic waste of paper, there were only two columns of labels per page, when three, even four columns, could have easily fit! It would have cut our paper costs in half. When I showed our Leadership Team the labels, all of them laughed at the amount of white-space on each sheet. "Did you order that?," asked our COO? I said yes, but had no idea they would be printed like this.

I would be hesitant to purchase these labels again due to the huge amount of waste we will incur when they're used. If they can figure out how to lay these out more productively, it will lower everyone's costs, and save the landfills some trash.

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