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Delicious sauce from a surprising source...

My friends always get a kick out of me telling them that my favorite hot sauce is from the company that makes my stickers. But all the buzz and humor aside, Mule Sauce is incredibly delicious, to the point that I find myself occasionally just helping myself to a spoonful by itself. Perfectly spicy, nice blend of sweet and savory, and it pairs nicely with everything I usually add hot sauce to. I... Saiba mais

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Mule Sauce

Too hot for my taste, so I shared it with a co-worker and she loves it!

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best sauce ever!

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its alright....thought it'd be spicier still great tho

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A surprisingly balanced hot sauce

Mule Sauce manages to provide a nice boost of heat while maintaining a sweet flavor. Didn't expect it to be as good as it is.

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To sweet for my taste

As a big fan of hot sauce I will say that it is better than most but as a salty over sweet kind of guy I have to say that there is to much sugar in it. Thanks for the bottle though. It will not go to waste.

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Bit of a Kick, Nice Little Flavor.

Eh, wouldn't kick it outta bed.

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This sauce is FIRE!

I was blown away by this hot sauce! Perfect balance of heat and flavor. Highly recommend.

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Mule Sauce 10/10

Perfect balance of spicy and sweet.

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Perfect gift for spicy-lovers!

My father-in-law loves all things spicy so Mule Sauce is the perfect gift!!!