Mostly good

Amanda Wallace

I really like my charms I think the printing turned out nice. There were three things I would change if I could; 1. The colors on the charms turned out significantly lighter than my design/online proof (I purposely made my colors darker In my design though thinking this might happen so this didn't ruin my charms thankfully) 2. There is no protective layer on the back of the charm where the print is so if you scratched it hard enough it would show through on the other side (I did a couple layers of clear coat to remedy this easily) and 3. The holes for the chain is too small. I got incredibly frustrated with this as pushing the standard little ball chains through hurt my fingers and I got mad at it. Eventually though, I took an exacto knife and filed down the plastic in the hole to make it big enough. Overall I really liked them and I think they’re high quality but I would change the things above if I could but knowing them I would still order as they’re easy changes on my end. Also stickermule has super nice customer support I didn’t even feel the need to bother them though.

Assim? Também é fácil encomendar os seus Pingentes de acrílico 🙂