Great Quality!

Typhoon Manga

These are amazing, quality charms for the price! As a heads up, the backing where the charm image is located is unprotected, so it can easily be scratched. I am turning mine into pins and had experimented with one of them to see if I could use a clear nail polish could protect the image. Do not do this. The clear polish totally lifted the image. I ended up putting a holographic backing on the charm and hand cut around it so that it was form fitted and it turned out so beautiful! I recommend that if you are going to be selling these to add a vinyl sticker backing to the image so that the image does not get scratched. These charms are not double sided, but I feel they're an amazing value for what you get! Definitely beats trying to mess with shrink charms, they look so professional! They also have a protective film on the front to prevent the acrylic from being scratched, much like the films you get on a new appliances or electronics. The film is removable and the image is so clear, I absolutely love it and will be ordering more in the future for my promos and store. You can request to not have the key hole if you are planning on using it for something other than a key chain. Not sure how hard it would be to cut out the hole for the sticker backing but I am sure it shouldn't be too hard with a standard sewing needle.

Assim? Também é fácil encomendar os seus Pingentes de acrílico 🙂