Gabriel Malbogat

This product is awful. To market this as 'packaging tape' is sneaky. Sticker Muleeeeee. You gotta revaluate the title on this product. Heres a snap shot of my experience so far. Ripping off the tape; you would expect that to be easy. It's not. I have crumpled up tape everywhere. You can't physically rip it off. So be ready to use a tool. I used scissors. You'd think that work?Nope. I would actually recommend a box cutter to cut the tape. Or something sharp, Oh, & the adhesive. Don't event get me started. Similar to a paper maché product in grade 3. I have a puddle of water next to me as I write this review. I actually had to play arts and crafts; just to get the adhesive to stick. I really wanted this product to work. Cause my design is so dope. But unfortunately, to get it to work as 'packaging tape' will be an experience that I am not looking forward to.

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