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Great quality!!!

Garik Goodell

These stickers came out great!! The quality is amazing!! I put one on my motorcycle immediately then when one a ride in the rain, no issue!! I am very happy with my purchase!!

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Awesome service

Charley Phelan

I had the pleasure of working with many staff over the process. Everyone was so delightful. When we received the stickers we were so excited and the quality of the product was great

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Not as good as first prints (leaning towards one star)


I'm not sure why, but some of the prints would randomly be blurry if that makes sense. As if the printer heads were mal-aligned. Anyway, it didn't happen on the majority of them otherwise I would be more upset. I thought the whole point of sending in a 300 dpi image was so that this wouldn't happen. My prints don't look anywhere as clear as the proof sheet they sent me. I hope this doesn't ... Read more

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UPDATE: Much better

Mitch Facer

UPDATE2: My stickers were sent out after a hiccup with resending them (they included 50 extra stickers to make up for it) and they look much better. Great customer service and they will respond to any problems you have and fix them very quickly. UPDATE: StickerMule support e-mailed me to say there was a problem with the printer and they will rush me a new set of stickers. I'm excited to see ... Read more

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Awesome stickers

AJ Brustein

Love them - they are the exact shape we wanted (like an app icon) and they remove without leaving the nasty leftover from cheap stickers

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Good service, great prices


I didn't ask them to cut the white out but definitely would prefer that next time. Prices were 1/2 what we were paying before. Super fast service and no problems with the quality.

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Print quality

Peter Luxen

We're really happy with these but at the same time, there is a tiny bit of blurring. I think it might be due to the material as we provided vector images. That said, just keep your eye out for the tiny details in your design. Also, I went with "Okay" because the sticker backings aren't split which kind of makes them a pain to peel off.

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Round stickers RULE

Amy Adair

These are awesome! They printed beautifully and are just what I needed to make my packaging look GREAT! Thanks, Sticker Mule!

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The site was very easy to navigate. The service was fast and trouble free and the stickers look great!

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Bringing cool to the nerds

Joseph Callahan

Where else can you find a pi race that puts astronauts up against aliens other than Johnson Space Center. These will be on every Prius in Clear Lake.