Public profiles

  • Can I generate revenue from my public profile?

    Public profiles are a convenient way to share your kick-ass designs and promote your artwork and brand. You won't receive payment when someone uses your design to order; however,…
  • What are public profiles?

    Sticker Mule's public profiles let you pick and post any of your previously ordered items for other people to purchase. Sharing your profile lets you swap stickers with friends, ad…
  • How do I create a public profile?

    You can create a public profile right from your account! Just log in and go to 'Profile' to get started.
  • How do I list items on my public profile?

    To list an item on your public profile, click 'Add Item'. Select the item you want to add, name it, then click 'Add and Save'.
  • How do I share my public profile?

    To share your public profile, select 'Share' and copy the share link. Then, add it to your website, send it to friends, or post it on social! To share a single item, hover over yo…
  • Who can see my profile?

    Anyone that has the shared link to your profile will be able to view it and order listed items.