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My stickers are perfect

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Nice stickers, but they didn’t like my post.

I posted a pic on Instagram and tagged Sticker Mule - they didn’t like my post.

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Great stickers!

Great stickers for the promo we got

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Circle stickers

These were so well done and durable

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As per usual, the guys at StickerMule excelled. They took my artwork and reproduced it exactly. I already knew their stickers were great, as the first batch I had,... just to see [cause I'm that kind of guy], I put some on glasses.....then put them in the dishwasher...WOW... not only are they waterproof, but they're dishwasher proof too! I put one or two on shirts and jumpers , and they stayed... Read more

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Keep it up!

Good work as usual :)

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Very nice!

You guys are amazing

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My stickers are the hit of the conference, everyone wants to talk to me just to get my sticker! Thanks for bringing my design to life!

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Circle gang ironborn

You guys and gals keep circling around the competition with the best quality sticker a-round

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Awesomeness in a Bottle

This ship has certainly sailed into Greatness after being assembled by Sticker Mule. I'm still amazed even as many times as I've done business with them they get the colors, the lines, the cut, and the paper quality is on Point ever time. Thank You Sticker Mule your the King of the Sticker World