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Großartige Qualität

Besser als erwartet. Sehen viel zu edel für einen Bierdeckel aus.

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How to surprise clients

I just got these as a gift for a clent who runs a small coffee shop. I created a lot a of graphics and this was a little „thank you, it‘s nice doing business with you“ present. It went well. :-)

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looks great

Looks great!

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Super Produkt.

Die Bierdeckel sehen super aus und sind der Renner bei jeder Party.

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Super Produkt

Bin echt begeistert. Design wurde sehr gut vervollständigt. Druckqualität top

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Tolle Bierdeckel!

Super Bierdeckel. Qualität stimmt wie immer top! Einzige Anmerkung: Bierdeckel sind normalerweise beidseitig bedruckt und wir haben vorher keine Info dazu gefunden, dass es nur einseitig bedruckt wäre... vielleicht kann man das noch hinzufügen.

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Good Stuff!

I had it sent to my client with their order. They said it was Good Stuff! Glad they enjoyed it.

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My boss decided last minute she wanted custom coasters for our Oktoberfest themed company party so we ordered some A WEEK before the party with 1 day shipping and they got here early! Can't wait to roll these out this weekend. People have already peeked and they love them! Great quality, great service. Thanks stickermule! ❤️

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Sweet and Spicy

As a hot sauce fanatic, I honestly didn't have high expectations for this sauce seeing that they make stickers and stuff here. But let me stop there on that. I seriously enjoyed this bottle of sauce, and I've practically finished it on my own in two weeks. I top it on everything that I think would be good with a sweet spicy hit. It is fairly sweet, but not overly so. It's not tart like many ... Weitere Informationen

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Sweet & Spicy

Really good on beef sticks, pizza, tacos, burritos.. I think I'm saying it's really good on pretty much anything that is food. Would recommend to anyone.