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Tolle Qualität und perfekter Druck!

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Not the quality as usual

Danielle WEIGEL

Unfortunately, only 3 of 10 charms were not damaged (cracks on the edges). The shipping and the packaging were perfect as always. I probably won‘t order the acryl charms again.

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Nice Charms


So far i am pretty happy with the charms. The only negative points are, that the Protective film cannot be removed that easy, and that the and that the edges are not so cleanly cut or not rounded

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Ralf Herrmann

It came out much more pale than expected and shown in the proof.

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Love this charm

Artimas Studio

Love these charms just amazing quality! Colors came out amazing!

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Paint immediately chips off

Rachael Konke

Paint started chipping off the charms immediately. Ive had to refund all my customers. These charms ended up costing me a ton of money in refunds and money spent on the charms. Sticker mule customer service would only offer me a $10 credit for an extremely large order.

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They chip immedately

Rachael Konke

I've had to refund almost all of my orders for these because the paint chips off of them. I've ordered them a few times and tried to put a sealant on the back but nothing works.

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I couldn’t be more pleased!

Crystal Riddle

From the ease of ordering, to the timeliness of revising, I am so very pleased and impressed with this service. I would definitely order again!

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Dolls for Smiles

Dolls For Smiles

I was so excited to see my vision come to life. Sticker Mule did a awesome job and the customer service is excellent.

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Looks Great!


Excited to use these charms! They look great!