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Awesome stickers

With each and every order StickerMule comes through 100%, always on time and a perfect product.

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Great design and service

Really like the proiducts we've been getting!

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Sticker sheets

Great quality product. I would have like a better idea of the completed size. It’s hard to judge the proof when there is not a reference next to it.

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Blaze sticker

Perfect stickers for water bottles, bumpers, and baseball helmets!

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Not a great format

I order loads of amazing stickers from stickermule but there are not really great. One big A4 sheet with lots of stickers that are hard to peal off, have a little rough edges and aren't printed with great quality. Most likely, this was the wrong kind of sticker to use in this format.

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Stickers were so good, i got buttons made too... when the discount hit the email lol

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Made it happen.

My sticker design perfecto. Will definitely use stickermule again.

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Everything you guys do is perfect! I love it! Fast, awesome quality, affordable,

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Supa Fuck'n Dupa

All I can say is these stickers were perfectly printed, die cut and delivered a few days early. Totally Supa Fuck'n Dupa job well done.

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Sheet die cut labels

Tried these as opposed to the straight die cut labels. They are fine, but not as nice as the straight die cut labels. The black on these is not as "popping"--that is it is not as black. Also, the text is not always centered in the die cut as well as it should be. Of the 60 we brought in, about 10% were off... not bad, but not as consistent as the others. If the intent is a precision, catch... Weitere Informationen