Tape for boxes

Kommentar für Verpackungsband von Anonym

Tape for boxes

Great quality tape.

The quality of the print on the tape is very good.
I wish I had done more research on this type of tape in general before purchasing.

1. Having to wet the tap before affixing is a major pain
2. The smell of the glue is so potent and lingers for hours even though I only made 1 box so used only 2 cut offs of tape.

I probably would've looked to printing my boxes vs branding them with tape.

As a small business, I don't have a warehouse where I can walk away from the tape smell. It's in my house. And the additional step to make tape sticky is just not efficient.

I guess now I know what this type of type is like. I enjoyed the promotion and look forward to see new products from sticker mule introduced in this fashion.