Uh, my logo on a repeating popsicle pattern?

Kommentar für Verpackungsband von Dana Chen.

Uh, my logo on a repeating popsicle pattern?

If it could just be seamless…

Dana Chen

Custom packaging tape is pretty awesome! And you get a very generous amount of it, too. That said, there were two things that prevented this from being perfect, but only one that made me dock a star in the rating.

The first thing is that the color isn't opaque. It kind of blends in with the brown kraft background so the overall effect is darker than expected. BUT! This is the nature of printing on a fibery/texture-y/not totally white substrate, and I totally forgot it wouldn't be printing on white. I know designers can work with this, so this is acceptable.

The second thing is that you can see where the image repeats. There is a thin line between sections, even though I made my design seamless with a blue background covering the entire design. I wish this wasn't the case because 1) I double-, triple-checked the file to make sure the color extends the entire template area; 2) type with a pattern or image should just repeat without breaks. As it is, I won't be ordering again, but if this can be fixed, I would PROBABLY order more.

Lastly, I have a suggestion: Is there any way the template can accommodate a longer image? I have an idea for a project, but the repeating section needs to be at least 18". If this is possible, I would DEFINITELY order more.