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So Happy!

I was so excited to receive my packing tape! I was my first purchase with my new logo on it. Love how it turned out

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Packing Tap

Great job! Took advantage of the special sale and can't beat the price! Quality is super and we are stoked! Thanks again!

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Business packaging must haves

I'm so happy that stickermule is now offering the ability to upload my companies logo and website into a pattern so that it's printed on a continuous roll of strong paper fiber reinforced tape. The process was easy and quick . Took less than a week ! Now my shipping packages look as professional as my product.

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Highly recommended!

My custom packaging is great.. The roll was much larger than first anticipated, it is easy to apply, very strong and looks great. Highly recommended.

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Not quite as opaque as the packaging tape *used* by SM

I love how it looks - my design was a little complicated with lots of fine details so I absolutely expected that it not look exactly as drawn. However, I am a bit disappointed with how translucent it seems... it pales in comparison to how opaque the packing tape on the box the tape arrived in, is. It only looks like my fine details were printed on, despite handing over a file with a white backg... Weitere Informationen

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i ordered this tape on a whim because it was on sale when it launched. when i arrived, i immediately covered a box that was ready to be shipped out, and posted it on instagram. i got 2 orders in my online shop within the hour—one person even said they were ordering for the good-looking box!

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Print was darker than expected

Make sure to account for the darker material when creating your design. The finished product looked OK, but was much darker than anticipated.

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High-quality, crisp printing, huge impact packaging tape!

Once again, Stickermule has launched another fantastic, quality, product. The images and text are super crisp, the thickness of the tape is on par with Amazon prime tape or any other big retailer. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is that the sticky side is brown in color. So if you're design is white or light in color, be prepared to see that white turn to a dull, less vivid, off-white... Weitere Informationen

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Excellent Product

I love my personalized packing tape. My design was very simple as this was my first time ordering, I will be more creative when I re-order. Regardless, it still has a special something to my shipping boxes. Excellent customer service, prompt shipping and fast delivery.

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I'm a StickerMule customer for life!

Is it wrong to want to keep this packing tape all to myself because it's soooo pretty??? Everything I order with StickerMule has been fantastic. Ordering is simple. Submitting changes to proofs is easy peasy. Production is quick and their free shipping is super-speedy. You absolutely will not regret choosing StickerMule!