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Avialoft custom packing tape

Love it! It's easy to use, works really well on even really heavy boxes, and looks good too! StickerMule even rotated, and adjusted my logo perfectly, on the first try given some simple written instructions (wanted to test to see if they would do good - they did! In spades!)

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Magpie & Squid Packing Tape

I love the tape - it's a great way to add branding to boxes that are otherwise non-descript (a much cheaper option than custom boxes!). Thank you Sticker Mule for making this available!

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Got what I paid for, didn't really put enough thought into the design and now it looks like I'm shipping something trippy (hence illegal). Brings too much attention.

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So awesome

I was a bit skeptical about it, but it came in and I absolutely love it. It's easy to apply and use. Goes on quick and easy. It looks amazing. It's such a great addition when sending out orders. you guys really hit the mark on this one!

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The Cultured Vegan Has Packing Tape

I am so in love with my packing tape.. It is sooooo durable and classy. The look is very crisp and professional and I am very pleased that this was added as an option on StickerMule website. I was getting tired of purchasing my packing tape from the post office. This makes me feel good about spending my money on something that is customized to fit my needs exactly and precisely! Keep up the gr... Weitere Informationen

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This will be perfect for my small business!

I love the new packaging tape. Just one more thing my small business needs to help add credibility! It really helps that StickerMule is always coming up with ways that I can make my business better. It's the little things that last with customers--all the way down to the tape their products are packaged with.

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Tape looks Great

Submitted a pretty mediocre image with low expectations to take advantage of a discount and was pleasantly surprised with the proofing process, quality of the product, and speed at which it was delivered

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not what i expected

perhaps i read it to fast but this item requires a wet sponge... i was thinking it was a regular 3" 2 mil tape with our logo..

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Lovely Design

Awesome packaging tape good quality.

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Great new product

The packaging tape is a great last touch. We don't ship often but when we do, you know we stand out! Very cool!