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This tape really makes my packages pop. Thanks Sticker Mule!

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Requires machine to be adhesive

We didn't realize this packing tape was meant to be fed through the industrial packing machines. Also we did not love the way the kraft paper shows through on the white design.

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great product!

really amazed at the quality of this product and the Mules in general I would like to see a template, in the future, that would let me know what size/shape the artwork is in relation to the product, though...

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Much more than I expected A+ on this product

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Top product

My custom packaging is perfect

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Great Product!

We were happy to be able to try out their new packaging tape when it was offered up during their beta trial, and even happier when they made another roll of it available for an unbelievable price, coming out of beta. Stickermule consistently makes amazing products that help small businesses shine. Keep up the great work ya'll!

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Great tape

This is good stuff but it only seems like it sticks to cardboard boxes. It won't stick to any type of pak, made from plastic. Very good though if you are taping a box.

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Greatly done!

My tape came and its great!

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Looks rad....but functionality is not ideal.

The tape looks killer....I'll use it all. However, even with a full wet surface, I had areas that didn't stick flat. I actually taped over the top with normal clear packing tape which defeats the purpose. If you offered this item with a sticky back (no sponge/wetting)....I'd buy it.

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Nice personal touch

I've been looking for a way to really make my packages pop, when people receive them in the mail and this is a great solution. I thought the "sponge technique" would be awkward but it's not really that big of a deal, plus once the tape drys it's super strong.