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Greatly done!

My tape came and its great!

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Looks rad....but functionality is not ideal.

The tape looks killer....I'll use it all. However, even with a full wet surface, I had areas that didn't stick flat. I actually taped over the top with normal clear packing tape which defeats the purpose. If you offered this item with a sticky back (no sponge/wetting)....I'd buy it.

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Nice personal touch

I've been looking for a way to really make my packages pop, when people receive them in the mail and this is a great solution. I thought the "sponge technique" would be awkward but it's not really that big of a deal, plus once the tape drys it's super strong.

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Custom packing tape

Sticker Mule had a great offer on packing tape and decided to give it a shot. Definitely well worth the price as it came out awesome and adds unique flair to packages I send out.

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The PERFECT Wrap-up!

I'm in the process of launching my little brand, and as I've traveled this road all the little things you don't think about pop up. How my packages look when they arrive to customers became more evident. How do I differentiate my box in the mail beyond just a cardboard piece? TAPE! REALLY glad you guys came out with the tape. It does it's job AND it compliments the brand. THANK YOU!

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Awesome, but stinky

The tape looks great, sticks great, and I'm happy with the quantity of tape provided for the price. Only problem is that smell of the tape is so strong I had to seal it in a ziplock bag and store it as far from me as possible. I assume it's the smell of the adhesive. Would buy again, so long as I remember to keep it in quarantine.

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Fantastic Packaging Tape

This is my second time doing business with StickerMule. The bumper stickers were exactly what I wanted, and the packaging tape is first quality! I look forward to doing more business with this great company! Ron Sedaille - FunTowerRadio.com

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Great feel, but not the most convenient

This is my first custom tape and I didn't know I'd have to apply water to activate the glue. It's a very tedious process. I wish there was some video to show the best processd3s for application. As an honest review of the product, it is sturdy and very solid. I just can't get the hang of applying the water to get it to stick, otherwise phenomenal product.

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excellent product

I ordered the packing tape to test it out and see if I liked it. I have to say I was highly impressed with it.

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Packing tape

I love it! Huge roll sturdy and looks clear and awesome! Will be ordering again. Only thing is it's a bit of a drag to wet the tape for it to stick.