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Great idea!

This is a must have for people who intend to ship stuff from their own personal business.

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Tape Material

We were very happy with the service but disappointed to discover the packing tape doesn't stick to itself. This causes a problem on large boxes requiring extra tape.

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Not What I expected...

The tape isn't what I expected, for some reason I thought it would be clear but its actually white, which is fine my shipping boxes are white, but i must say the quality of the tape is great! I will order clear in the future and see which I like better! But I will order again for sure!

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Adhesive backing requires wetting with a sponge?

I expected to get packing tape with normal adhesive on the back, not something that requires a sponge and wetting with water. This was my fault for not reading the description. I just assumed it would be like normal adhesive. That being said, I haven't even tried it yet, so it might be OK. Just seems like a bit of a hassle and extra time while packing.

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When I found that customised boxes with printed cartons would cost me a lot, I was glad to find this solution. The colors are printed perfectly, the tape is easy to stick and all looks so good!

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THE KORE logo design and tape was very nice

My business logo on the tape was very nice quality. tape itself was good. Got be careful not put alot of water on the glue or it will lift in places like the edges. There fine line between not enough water and to much, once you find the sweet spot when manually using the sponge it end up sealing very nice. A machine might eliminate this and give it the sweet spot always. Some day i need try o... Weitere Informationen

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I wouldn't call this "tape"

I ordered this custom packaging "tape" and thought what I would be getting was packaging tape. The design process was a breeze and after a few rounds going back and forth on size and color, my design was set up just as I wanted. When my package arrived (quickly, I should add), I discovered that this isn't necessarily tape, but something that requires wetting a sponge to activate the adhesive.... Weitere Informationen

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В Украину не дошли

Дважди отправлялись, но так и не доставлены. Очень жаль, ранее по этому адресу стикеры приходили, а этот заказ потерялся. Ставлю 5 звёзд, т.к. не сомневаюсь что лента крутая.

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Go to

Very professional

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Not as expected

Hi, I'd just like to say that the quality of the tape wasn't what I expected. For one, 300ppi seems a bit inadequate. As another, the tape is too "matte", I was expecting somewhat glossy, similar to the glossiness of the tape you guys used to ship me this tape. Furthermore, the text was too transparent and the colors were washed out... But, that was my fault- digital will always look bett... Weitere Informationen