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Qualität OK

Qualität ist Top. Aber man muss mit einem nassen Schwamm das Papier nass manchen, damit es klebt... das ist extrem umständlich und für den Preis erwarte ich ein vollwertiges Klebeband was selbständig klebt.

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Gut! Auch für die Umwelt

Es sieht nicht nur sehr gut aus, weil es nicht aus Kubststoff ist tut man auch noch was für die Umwelt.

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I wouldn't call this "tape"

I ordered this custom packaging "tape" and thought what I would be getting was packaging tape. The design process was a breeze and after a few rounds going back and forth on size and color, my design was set up just as I wanted. When my package arrived (quickly, I should add), I discovered that this isn't necessarily tape, but something that requires wetting a sponge to activate the adhesive.... Weitere Informationen

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В Украину не дошли

Дважди отправлялись, но так и не доставлены. Очень жаль, ранее по этому адресу стикеры приходили, а этот заказ потерялся. Ставлю 5 звёзд, т.к. не сомневаюсь что лента крутая.

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Go to

Very professional

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Not as expected

Hi, I'd just like to say that the quality of the tape wasn't what I expected. For one, 300ppi seems a bit inadequate. As another, the tape is too "matte", I was expecting somewhat glossy, similar to the glossiness of the tape you guys used to ship me this tape. Furthermore, the text was too transparent and the colors were washed out... But, that was my fault- digital will always look bett... Weitere Informationen

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nastro personalizzato

Bel prodotto, ecologico e resistente.Tempi di consegna rispettati. Non era chiaro che la colla deve essere "attivata" con una spugnetta umida (fornita insieme al nastro a costo zero)

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Exactly what I wanted

Loved the way it turned out

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Overall OK tape

The packaging was great and the company puts effort to make themselves unique. The actual sturdiness of the tape is very high and easy to apply. However, I was left highly unimpressed with the quality of their color that comes out on the tape itself. The black color on my tape was not a dark solid black as i would assume but rather, a very blotchy and low quality color. I would only reconsider ... Weitere Informationen

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So cool!!!

First let me say - My mind was blown when the tiny, paper thin sponge expanded into a normal sized sponge... I LOVE! Tape came out AMAZING, just what I wanted. I thought having to get it wet was a little inconvenient at first, but it was actually really easy and I don't mind it at all.. Shipping was supposed to be here the 20th got here the 16th!!!!! I highly recommend, especially at these pric... Weitere Informationen