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Nikeeya Steen

This is exactly what I need for a 2*8 poster for a pop up shop!

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Spot Eastern

Took a pixilated image and brought it too life with solid and bold colors

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Super impressed!


I made my logo on Microsoft Paint so of course it was very pixelated. I decided to take a chance on StickerMule as you get to approve your logo before you actually pay for it. The very first version they sent me was even better than I expected. Now I have a clean cut logo that I can attach to any size item or file. Give it a try!

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you changed the word Since to Sence WRONG!!!!

Carlin Chesnet

Please redo from the image I uploaded and do not change the words!!! Very unhappy who changes words to being misspelled. refund my money and fix....

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Charles Bennedum

We had a hand drawn logo of our podcast member faces done but didn't have a vector piece. Sticker Mule and their team did a fantastic job on creating a great vector file! Definitely recommend using their service! A++++

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Given 2nd Chance

John Paolillo

Team was kind enough to let me provide a 2nd option as the first was too complex. I thought it might be, so I appreciated the offer, especially considering it was on promotion.

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Thanks always for all Of your great work!

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Have done 10 Redraws and they're great!


I didn't know there was a service like this and I'm glad I found Redraw. I make logos and graphics for my own business. I have Photoshop because I need CMYK, Illustrator is too difficult. But I know enough Inkscape so I can take the vectors, size as needed, convert them to a workable format. The Redraws were all perfect, including one that was much more complicated than just plain text graphics... Read more

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Amazing results in record time.

Gregory Watson

We can now utilize our art with a more professional look and larger more clear prints. Redraw is a must to any art project!

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StickerMule proves themselves again!


Thank You! Perfectly what I would do myself, if I knew how! Now I know there is a place to get this skill. Well done SM!