Artwork specifications for die cut stickers

Product name: Die cut stickers

  • Minimum print size: 1” x 1”
  • Maximum print size: 36” x 24”

Resolution requirements

Vector files or images with at least 300 ppi.

Acceptable file formats

  • Vector types: Illustrator, PDF, EPS, SVG, SketchApp

  • Raster types: PNG, JPG/JPEG, TIF/TIFF, PSD, PDF

  • Other programs: DOC/DOCX, PPT/PPTX

Border requirements (minimum and standard size)

  • Minimum size: 0.1" (1/10")

  • Standard size: 0.1" (1/10")

Depending on the artwork, full bleed is possible upon request.

Bleed requirements

  • 0.0625" (1/16") bleed surrounding the cut line

Cut line requirements

We recommend indicating your cut line with a 0.5 - 1pt magenta stroke. This does not need to be on a separate layer or named "cut line".

Color requirements

To ensure the closest match to your desired color for print, we recommend CMYK colors.