Tus tuits, imaginados como arte fino

"Esto es increíble" - Pablo Picasso

El tuit enmarcado de Elon Musk, que dice "Coachella debería posponerse hasta que deje de apestar"

Comienza una conversación, en la vida real

No sólo enmarcamos los tuits. Creamos arte que une a la gente. Al final del día, queremos que tu experiencia sea especial, ya sea que signifique dar a tus seres queridos un regalo único o reírte un poco con tus amigos.

Two Framed Tweets
  • Hoja de oro aplicada a mano

  • Hecho en madera en bruto

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  • Influencers will go Crazy

    Perfect gift for an influencer.

  • Brilliant

    Everyone has a favorite tweet, whether funny or inspirational. So why not have it beautifully printed and framed for everyone to see? It’s probably my favorite office decoration.

  • Nicely done... Wouldn't pay the currently advertised price

    I was blessed to get this during the Free pilot and ordered quickly. Looks great, with frame and matte, although the hanging hardware on the back left much to be desired. When I saw they had launched this at $89 after the fact, I immediately thought it was way too much, especially if you are unable to hang it properly with the hardware. I think it would be better set at a $39 price point. At t... Más información

  • Super fancy-Promotional Review

    I feel like this frame is too fancy for my tweet, but that’s what makes me treasure it more—Since it’s stupidly over the top. xD It showcases the first time when I found Raymond in Animal Crossing. Truly a destined meeting. I sometimes can’t tell if my framed tweet is suppose to be a joke or a meaningful art piece, since it was dated April 1st. But I guess that’s what makes it more interesting.... Más información

  • Framed Tweet and Prince

    When I saw this product I knew it would need something special. Prince tweeting about his favorite record store just before he passed away fit the bill. The product is very cool. It's super well put together and extremely detailed. A friend called it regal. It's a big bold frame that demands attention and it is very fun.

Da un regalo de lujo.

¿Tus amigos tienen apetito por el lujo? Entonces dales una muestra de la buena vida. Los tuits enmarcados seguramente impresionarán incluso a los coleccionistas más conocedores de Internet. Da un regalo que se pueda transmitir de generación en generación.