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Not what I expected

The image comes in a clear acrylic coat. For me personally. I will have no use for these.

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A month late and printed too light

My re-print order got lost in the system after getting lost in the mail causing me to not receive these keychains for over a month. When I finally received my order the keychains color is very dull and too light to even tell what it is. I would have made them brighter if I would have known but the proof of them came out perfect. I’m very disappointed and confused.

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Beautiful quality

I was really happy with the quality of the product. Amazing customer service as well, they're very helpful.

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Not Clean

Printing edges was not smooth and the acrylic sides were rough, would've like it more if the edges were sanded down for a more smooth finished.

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They Look Great!

I ordered these as holiday ornaments, and they look great! Part of one did snap off in shipping, but the design has some pretty thin bits, so that isn't too surprising. Other than that, they've held up well.

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My boyfriend loves when I order stickers from StickerMule because he gets more Mule Sauce!! Delish!

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That's a spicy!

Great tasty, lasting flavor Not at hot as you think

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I like the look and feel of these. I really hope they hold up over time

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Key chains

The printing looked good on the keychains, but the edges where the machine cut them is not great. The edges are rough and not smooth like they should be to look and feel good

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Questionable Quality

The colors came out great but out of 10 charms, 7 of them came with very obvious gashes and scratches in the plastic. This is my first order so I'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt that this is a fluke but I'm likely going to order from another site before trying again here.