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Looks Great!

Excited to use these charms! They look great!

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Great product

Incredibly fast turnaround, helpful team, and a great product. My only small issue was the edge of the charm felt a bit rough. Other than that, I'm really impressed.

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Acrylic Charm Quality

Good thickness of acrylic! Only 2 of my 10 charms had very minor damage on them. I'll definitely be ordering more acrylic charms and other products!

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Amazing Acrylics!

Top notch quality as always and unparalleled service and delivery. Thanks StickerMule!

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Every single charm came scratched or had weird bubbling in the acrylic. One had a hole in the design where it was scratched off. The colors weren't as vibrant either and it's almost like the acrylic was foggy. Probably won't order charms from here anymore and just stick with getting stickers. I had high hopes but was really disappointed.

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All perfect!!!

Thank you so much for great quality and works!!! Really love to order from Stickermule♡

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Review of Charm

The charm was great and looks good on a bracelet. Only downer is the acrylic is clear and it is hard to read the wording. If the acrylic could be white or have a white background that would make the wording pop.

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Color not Accurate

Colors became too light. Not accurate like how they should be