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A+ Service

Joshawa Lamkey

Couldn't be happier!

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We take advantage of EVERY sale!


As a small, low budget nonprofit organization, we take advantage of every Sticker Mule sale so we can have some cool swag and we love every order we get!

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Judith McDaniel

I love my stickers as it really enhances my brand for my new book!

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Best bang for buck

Jon Boschman

Could nat be happier with the price, quality and service.

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Perfectly perfect

jGregory Barton

Perfect experience. Love the stickers. Very well done!

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The best!


Fast and color quality great

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Always perfect


Time after time I expect companies I deal with to make mistakes- Not the people at Sticker Mule. "Never" I absolutely love their specials because it allows me to buy items to test our brand identity without committing to a large run and inventory. Thanks Mulers

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Jeremy James

I was extremely pleased with this new format! The quality of the matte finish was better than I had expected, almost a pearlesque luster to it, and the precision of the diecut outlines were spot on. Definitely will be reordering with more artwork.

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Color, shape, quality!

fran melmed

The die-cut sheets are fantastic for getting workable stickers to affix to bags, posters, etc. I had hoped they'd be spaced for easy cutting so I could also give them out to people. Because of their positioning on the page (stickers very closely printed in the center with wide left and right margins), that's going to be a challenge.