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No pegan ni se adieren bien.


el logo bien pero no se adhieren bien.

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Came out great!!!!

Rudy Flores

These clings came out great!!! I will most def order them again!

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Kelley Chance

These were exactly what I was looking for! I tried to order some awhile back from Fedex Kinkos when I needed them quick, and they were AWFUL. I should've just gone through Sticker Mule from the beginning. We got these crazy fast and they work so well! The quality is awesome and the price was much more competitive than other online companies I researched.

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Excellent job once again


Great work once again! You guys make great stickers

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Great quality and service!

Marcie Gilbert

We've been using Sticker Mule for our nonprofit for a couple of years now ~ the children we serve LOVE the quality of Sticker Mule's products. We appreciate the timely manner in which orders are delivered. Any time we've ever had a question, we receive a prompt and helpful response. Thanks, Sticker Mule!

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very good

John Brewer

we liked it and re ordering but this time w a qsr

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nice but small

Becky Harris

I thought these would be bigger, because I envisioned the size by the small side in the oval rather than the larger. So a 3 inch sticker is 3 inches wide instead of 3 inches tall. My mistake, and I should have realized. Otherwise I'm very happy with the order and the process.

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A unique product that stands out above the rest

Sleigher Queen

I never knew I needed static clings until I found them here on sticker mule. They have turned my boring windows into a colorful work of art. 10/10 recommend trying them

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Way better than decals, these are easy to apply and remove if needed

Paige Farr

We give these static clings to businesses who sponsor our club so they can put them on a window or door at their business. Sometimes a business might need to move it to a new location, and these just peel right off and then can be re-applied easily.

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Best stickers ever

Carla Snyder

These are the best stickers ever!