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Just what we were looking for!


We have been looking for an affordable parking sticker solution. Sticker mule delivers quickly, adds a bottle of hot sauce, and gives us customized stickers for a reasonable price.

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Nadia Rodgers

Great Customer service. Great adhesive sticker, looks great. Made a mistake on my part. Wished there was a sample options for adhesive stickers before fully committing to the sticker.

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Tom Lupei

Sorry to see the link perk of extra stickers go away. Always enjoyed that little touch that keeps me coming back.

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Erin Denny

The colors are bright and saturated. Love these thank you. They arrive quickly and the process as so easy!

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Absolutely perfect!

Janet Bressette

I am so impressed with the ordering process, product proof acceptance, and delivery of your product! I am in a fan group and wasn’t sure how big or how they would look when they arrived. I will be ordering hundreds on my next order because I was so impressed with the way my transaction was handled! Thank you!

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Perk now gone?

Tom Lupei

As a frequent customer of Stickermule I REALLY looked forward to that little perk of getting a little extra to the count of what I ordered. I would always get 4 extra stickers more than I ordered. Very sorry to see that go away. I will continue to order, but it really lost that extra touch you had.

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Different from preview

Su Kim

Response was prompt and delivery was good! They gave me tracking link and updated quickly. The designer gave me a better option among my choices. However, the sticker I got wasn’t that they showed me as preview.

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Exactly what I wanted

Lewis Knorr

The process of ordering and approving stickers was very easy, and my order arrived a day early! Two of the stickers were unfortunately creased inside the package, but it was made up for by the fact that I received 4 extra stickers on top of what I ordered. I will definitely be ordering from Sticker Mule again in the future!

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Came out great!


Impressed with the quality, first time in ordered these front adhesive stickers for windows and other clear glass surfaces.

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Perfect for cars

Amber Robson

I love that these can go inside the car windows so they can last longer by staying out of the elements :-)